Hi, I’m Amanda! Thank you for checking out our little space here on the internet.

Some of you may be looking at our about section merely because you’re curious on the name of this blog! And, really it’s a quick explanation. My last name is Shakespeare, and in school my nickname was always Shakes’! It stuck.

After becoming a mother, I became Mama Shakes’, so naturally, my little ones became baby Shakes’ — haha! It’s a sweet, and somewhat comical little thing in our lives, and one I fully embrace.

In our home, we celebrate imperfections, and proudly embrace chaos. Well, for the most part! As a professional graphic designer, I decided it was important to me to establish a place where I can not only talk about my life as a mother, and everything that comes along with it, but I want to cherish all of the moments with my children too.

A Little Bit About Me! 

  • I am a souther girl at heart, born in southern Louisiana! Geaux Tigers!
  • My heart belongs to the ocean + the western mountains
  • I am an advocate for S E L F  L O V E + MATERNAL MENTAL HEALTH!
  • I have tea time probably more than Queen Elizabeth, and need coffee the second my eyes open
  • I am super goofy and take very little serious, unless I need to……..which, isn’t often.
  • I have a secret love for interior design, and shopping with coupons.

There is probably a million more things I could come up with, but I will leave it at that. I hope more than anything that this blog, will bring you a piece of inspiration to your heart, and you follow along our semi-chaotic, always messy, mostly beautiful…..journey! I love connecting with other women and having a sense of community over competition!

Thank you for stopping by ~


Mama Shakes’